бейшемби, 23-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 21:13

Legislator to Challenge Legality of Referendum at Constitutional Court

BISHKEK. The member of the Legislative Assembly Adakhan Madumarov appealed to the Constitutional Court to verify the legality of the nation-wide referendum over the new constitution. The vote is scheduled for Feb. 2.
Madumarov said today that his request was accepted by the Constitutional Court. According to him, the referendum should be held under the so called Constitutional Law, which requires two thirds of votes in the parliament. But the legislator says Kyrgyzstan does not have such a law and that is why he is asking to overturn the presidential decree on the referendum as unconstitutional. Recently, the jailed opposition leader Feliks Kulov submitted similar request to the Constitutional Court.
Yesterday, Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, Sulayman Imanbayev rejected such criticism. He said the law on referendums adopted in 1991 is still in force.