3-Март, 2021 шаршемби, Бишкек убактысы 02:41

Kyrgyz Opposition Activists Under Investigation For Alleged Kidnapping

BISHKEK. Three Kyrgyz opposition activists are under investigation for an alleged kidnapping connected with the country's constitutional referendum. The three activists oversaw independent monitoring during the vote on a new Kyrgyz constitution on Sunday. They were detained for about four hours and released the same day. Police said the three activists allegedly kidnapped a man and forced him to give written testimony about violations during the vote. One of the suspects, a lawmaker Omurbek Tekebayev, told RFE/RL that there was no such kidnapping. Another suspect, one of the leaders of the Arnamys (Dignity) Party, Emil Aliev confirmed that he was interrogated today by the police. The opposition criticized the move by police as a political pressure against the opposition leaders.