жекшемби, 19-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 16:33

Assembly Of Kyrgyzstan People and some NGOs Criticize Stand of NDI Over the Referendum Results

BISHKEK. The Assembly of Kyrgyzstan People, a semi-official body of the national cultural centers, and about 31 NGOs signed a statement yesterday, criticizing the U.S.'s National Democratic Institute, as they put it, for being non-objective in evaluation of the Referendum held in Kyrgyzstan on February 2. The authors of the statement said that the electors' participation in the plebiscite was very active nation-wide. They criticized activities of the NDI as an interference into the election processes by financing observers of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society (Kyrgyzstan). The NDI issued a statement on the results of the referendum, criticizing shortcomings during the plebiscite.