жума, 22-сентябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 21:28

Opposition Party's Headquarters Is Forced To Move Out Of Its Premises

BISHKEK. Headquarters of the opposition Arnamys (Dignity) Party today moved out of its premises in the Moskva street in Bishkek. The headquarters chairman, Emil Aliev told RFE/RL today that it was because of the ongoing pressure of law-enforcement bodies on the party's office. Every single person who visited the premises was recorded onto video by the National Security Service's officers and the visitors were summoned to the law-enforcement bodies, Aliev said. The party was among the political parties and NGOs that announced the last Sunday's referendum illegal. According to Aliev, the aftermath of the opposition's claims were hard for some party members. Now it is unclear where a premises will be leased for the opposition party headquarters. Today the officials were not available to comment on the event.