жума, 24-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 15:36

Opposition Movement Demands Resignation Of President Akayev

BISHKEK. The opposition Movement For Resignation Of President Askar Akayev and For Reforms In the People's Interests today distributed a statement which says the Kyrgyz President should resign. As the movement representatives put it, recent political developments in the country, including distorted processes of constitutional reforms, persecution of the independent outlets, like "Moia stolitsa" (My Capital City) newspaper, and other events, make them maintain their aim to demand President Askar Akayev resign.
A referendum held on February 2, 2003 included a question of maintaining the position of president by Akayev until his term ends in 2005. The government says the referendum results showed almost full support of the president by the electorate. The opposition parties criticized the referendum procedures and results as illegal.