ишемби, 21-октябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 11:19

German Ambassador To OSCE Visits Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK. The German Ambassador to the OSCE in Vienna, Dieter Boden, arrived in Bishkek today. He met with President Askar Akayev, and Foreign Minister Askar Aitmatov. They discussed problems of strengthening of cooperation between the OSCE and Kyrgyzstan. Boden said that an establishment of the position of Ombudsman is one of the necessary prerequisites for continuation of the democratic reforms in Kyrgyzstan. He emphasized that the OSCE will support the main direction of the reforms, while maintaining reservations on some developments in Kyrgyzstan. Akayev, in his turn, expressed his gratitude to the OSCE for its contributions to Kyrgyzstan. The sides did not discuss the Iraqi issue, however, the German Ambassador told journalists that he was sorry for not avoiding a war in Iraq.
Recently, the OSCE said that it will allocate about 3.6 million euros to Kyrgyzstan. A personal representative of the OSCE's chairman-in-office, Daan Everts, told journalists during his visit to Kyrgyzstan on March 14, that the money would be spent for reforms of the Kyrgyz law-enforcement bodies.