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CAS ECON - Kyrgyzstan Wants To Build Economic Ties

OSH / BISHKEK. May 6. Kyrgyzstan's President Askar Akayev
said today that the countries of ex-Soviet Central Asia must avoid
isolationism in favour of political and trade ties.
Akayev was addressing the second Business Forum of Central Asian
Economic Community member states taking place in the city of Osh in
southern Kyrgyzstan.
Akayev told the forum that it is time to learn from the European
Union and that it is vital to achieve inter-regional development, to
transpose international standards and to solve problems through
Participants included the deputy prime ministers of Tajikistan,
Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. Also taking part were representatives of
the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development
and officials form the U.S. and Britain.
The forum is scheduled to continue tomorrow.