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MP Beknazarov Promulgates Text Of Memorandum Between Government and Aksy Protesters

BISHKEK. The oppositional politician and Deputy of the Legislative Assembly,
Azimbek Beknazarov today promulgated a text of the Memorandum, signed
between representatives of Government and the Aksy protesters in Septem-
ber 12, 2002. During the press conference Beknazarov rejected accusations by
the Government that he did ostensibly violate the Kara-Koel Memorandum.
Another MP, Janysh Rustenbekov, attended the press conference, said that
Beknazarov did not violate the agreement between the marchers and the
Government. He put out his opinion that the Government is not able to fulfill
its promise before the deadline, November 15. The Memorandum, which was
not promulgated before, has four points, including the release of arrested activists
of the protest actions, etc. In their turn, the protesters had to immediately stop the
march from Aksy towards Bishkek. The Government officials promised that the
investigation and punishment of those responsible for the Aksy shooting in
March 17-18, 2002, would be finished till the middle of November. The people,
accused by the protesters, include the former head of the Presidential administration,
Amanbek Karypkulov, the former Minister of Internal Affairs, Temirbek Akmataliev,
the former Prosecutor General, Chubak Abyshkaev and others. The officials said that
they were innocent.