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Human Rights Movement To Discuss Internal Matters

BISHKEK. Kyrgyzstan Human Rights Movement is to hold a conference at the end of December to discuss its internal problems. According to a leader of the movement, Tursunbek Akun, agenda of the conference will be set at the Board meeting on Dec 9, 2002. His deputy, Melis Arypbek uulu confirmed the information and added that during the Board meeting they will discuss the decision made by the Board members on Nov 10, 2002, to temporarily remove Akun from his chairmanship position, while he was in a custody.
The conference will decide whether Akun will continue his job as the chairman of the movement or not, said Arypbek uulu. Tursunbek Akun was one of the main organizers of some recent opposition actions and some of his colleagues criticized him for being too politicized instead of caring the human rights protection problems.