23-Июнь, 2024-жыл, жекшемби, Бишкек убактысы 08:14

District Court Resumes Hearing A Case Against Prime Minister.

BISHKEK. Bishkek's Birinchi Mai district court today resumed hearing a case against prime minister Nikolai Tanayev. Today, as previously, the prime minister did not attend the hearing personally. His lawyer Nikolai Zhuchkov asked the judge to include the video materials in evidence before the court. The judge Madina Davletbayeva partly accepted the plea. The plaintiff, head of the Kyrgyzstan Human Rights Movement (KHM) Tursunbek Akun, sued the prime minister for insulting him. In September Tanayev accused Akun of being a major instigator of the public disorders, saying that there were blood and disorder in every place where Akun went. Akun once again tried to protest, demanding the prime minister appear personally. However, the judge rejected his demands. Court hearings will continue on January 10, 2003 with testimony of witnesses.