10-Декабрь, 2023-жыл, жекшемби, Бишкек убактысы 02:40

Kyrgyzstanis Assess Last Night's Live Broadcast By President.

BISHKEK. The Kyrgyz mass media reported today on President Askar Akayev's live TV appearance last night on the Kyrgyz State TV's first channel. During the three hour long question-and-answer program Akayev presented his view on events that occurred in the country this year. He said the main aim of the forthcoming Year is to maintain stability in the country and its economic development. He called for a proper organization of celebration of the 2200th anniversary of the Kyrgyz Statehood. According to the state 'Kabar' news agency, over 4 thousand questions were asked and the President replied on the most important issues.
A leader of the Ata Meken (Fatherland) Socialist Party, one of Akayev's contenders for presidency in 1995 and 2000, MP Omurbek Tekebayev today told RFE/RL that the questions might have been prepared beforehand. There were no questions on the promised reforms. Deputy leader of the Social Democratic Party, MP Akylbek Japarov today supported Akayev's policy, adding that the live air session has to be organized in every quarter of a year.