25-Май, 2024-жыл, ишемби, Бишкек убактысы 05:25

Opposition Appeals To Parliament On Kulov's Case.

BISHKEK. The headquarters of the opposition party Ar-Namys (Dignity) applied to the People's Representative Assembly (higher chamber) of the Kyrgyz parliament to investigate the case connected with beating of the opposition politician, and the former vice president, Feliks Kulov. A member of the party headquarters, Sapar Begaliev told RFE/RL today that the Bishkek police guards had beaten Kulov when the Bishkek city court announced its verdict on him at the beginning of October 2002. The local prosecutor's office denies the charges. The Ar-Namys party activists attached materials from some witnesses to their letter to the Parliament chamber on the case. The opposition says the court case against Kulov is politically motivated. He is held in the special detention cell in the National Security Service's premises.