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Lawyer of Feliks Kulov To Appeal To U.N.

BISHKEK. Toktorbek Ashyrkul-uulu, the lawyer of a jailed politician, Feliks Kulov, said today that he is preparing to appeal to the United Nations on Kulov's case. The former vice president and a leader of the opposition Ar-Namys (Dignity) Party is currently in jail.
The Bishkek City Court upheld on 11 October, 2002, the ruling against former Vice President of Kyrgyzstan Feliks Kulov, cutting only one third of the Kulov's term in accordance with the law on amnesty.
A district court of Bishkek sentenced Kulov on May 8, 2002, to 10 years of Imprisonment, convicting him of embezzlement in 1993-1997, when he was governor of the Chui Province. Kulov was already serving time in jail, having been convicted on a different charge. The Bishkek City military court sentenced him on 22 January 2001 to seven years of imprisonment, convicting him of power abuse when he was the Minister of National Security in 1997-1998. Opposition and human rights activists say the trials were politically motivated. During 2002, there were several gatherings, hunger strikes and other protest actions in the country with demanding Feliks Kulov's release.