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Coalition Troops in Kyrgyzstan Help Authorities with Market Blast Investigation.

BISHKEK. - Specialists from the United States-led coalition against terrorism currently based in Kyrgyzstan are helping with the investigation into last week's explosion at the Dordoi market.
Spokeswoman for the coalition troops Captain Elizabeth Ortiz confirmed the participation of coalition troops in the investigation but said the cause of the explosion remains unclear: "At the request of the Kyrgyz government the explosive ordinance disposal team at Ganсi (Coalition base outside Bishkek) is assisting Kyrgyz authorities with the investigation. It is not clear yet what caused the blast. Testing is still being conducted and the results are not complete yet." Ortiz said the results of the testing would be made available to Kyrgyzstan's Interior Ministry as soon as they are available. The explosion was initially blamed on fireworks being sold at the market ahead of the New Year celebrations. Seven people died in the explosion and more than 50 others were Injured on December 27, 2002. Twenty-three people remain in hospital.
Salamat Toimatov, a representative of the Health Ministry said today that the people were injured mainly because of the fragmentation of metals after the blast. He said that the injured people are recovering.