3-Март, 2024-жыл, жекшемби, Бишкек убактысы 15:29

Plaintiffs of the Aksy Tragedy Appeal To Nation and President To Overturn Court Decision.

BISHKEK. Parents and family members of the five killed protesters today appealed to the Kyrgyz nation and President Askar Akayev, criticizing the Osh military court's verdict on some former officials of Jalalabad region, allegedly involved in shooting at peaceful protest gatherings in the Aksy district of the Jalalabad region on March 17-18, 2002. The authors of the appeal said that several high officials, including the former head of the presidential administration, Amanbek Karypkulov, the former Minister of Internal affairs, Temirbek Akmataliev, the former Prosecutor General, Chubak Abyshkaev, and the Secretary of the Security Council, Misir Ashyrkulov, have to be brought to justice as the alleged officials involved in the events. If the government would not meet their demands before March 17, 2003, the plaintiffs will demand the resignation of President Akayev, said today a representative of the Public Committee For Protection opposition MP Azimbek Beknazarov.