10-Декабрь, 2023-жыл, жекшемби, Бишкек убактысы 19:45

Compromising Commission Proposes To Hold Round Table

BISHKEK. A compromising commission set up for ensuring a dialogue between local authorities of the Aksy district in the Jalalabad region and its opposition-minded residents today proposed to hold a round table with the participation of both sides to discuss the court verdict on the Aksy tragedy last year. The commission advised the Aksy district administration to invite Bishkek officials to the meeting. Members of the commission say that an open discussion is an important means of avoiding any public disturbances. The Aksy plaintiffs disagree with the Osh military court's verdict of some former officials of the Jalalabad region who were allegedly involved in the tragedy in March 17-18, 2002, when police shot dead five participants of peaceful opposition gathering in the Aksy district.