ишемби, 23-сентябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 22:31

Former Prime Minister Kurmanbek Bakiev Considers the Draft

Former prime minister, deputy of the Legislative Assembly, Kurmanbek Bakiev said that the draft version of the Constitution would be considered as a totally new Constitution. He opposed a draft clause on the absolute vetoing right for President. Bakiev said that this clause is against the current Constitution. 'I am concerned that my electorate in the remote mountainous Alabuka, Chatkal and Aksy districts did not properly read the text of the draft suggested for the forthcoming referendum. How can these people vote for the draft now?' said Bakiev.
Chairperson of the Constitutional Court, Cholpon Bayekova also had questioned the date set for the referendum as unrealistic to discuss the whole issues nation-wide. She said last week that it needed a year to discuss them properly.