20-Апрель, 2024-жыл, ишемби, Бишкек убактысы 13:25

Kyrgyz Authorities Carry Out Preparations For the Referendum

Kyrgyz government officials today went to their original places of residence to help local authorities in preparatory works for the forthcoming referendum set for February 2. They were joined by some 200 lecturers who will give lectures on the referendum topics, including the draft version of the Constitution. About one million copies of the draft will be distributed among the population of the remote regions during their action.
Yesterday, Prime Minister Nikolai Tanayev told participants of a Government meeting that one of the main tasks of the Government is to not to allow opposition forces to organize illegal actions, including boycotting the referendum. Tanayev appealed to the chiefs of local authorities to provide an active participation of the electorate at the referendum.
Deputy Prime Minister Kurmanbek Osmonov criticized the opposition during the meeting, saying that its accusation of illegality of the referendum is baseless. If they present obstacles to the referendum, then law enforcement bodies should act in accordance with the law, said Osmonov.