5-Март, 2024-жыл, шейшемби, Бишкек убактысы 21:32

Central Electoral Commission Says the New Version of the Constitution Is Not A New Main Law

BISHKEK. Chairman of the Central Electoral Commission, Sulaiman Imanbaev said at a press conference today that accusations on the illegality of the forthcoming referendum is baseless, because the law on holding referendum adopted in 1991, is in force for the time being. He said he does not expect foreign observers from the OSCE to monitor the referendum. However, the OSCE can do monitoring with help of its local representatives in Kyrgyzstan. Imanbaev stressed that the new version of the Constitution is not regarded as a new constitution.
Some opposition members suggested that the new version of the Constitution would be allow Askar Akayev to participate in the presidential elections in 2005, while he does not have a right to do so according to the current Constitution after being elected at least twice (the Constitutional court did not count Akayev's term before adoption the post-Soviet Constitution on May 5, 1993). Akayev has served as the leader of the country since October 1990.

Compiled and translated by Tyntchtykbek Tchoroev and edited by David Reed in Prague