дүйшөмбү, 20-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 15:57

Kyrgyz President Accuses Opposition For Establishment of Anti-Referendum Headquarters

BISHKEK. President Askar Akayev told the independent newspaper ‘Agym’ (‘Stream’) on Friday that the establishment of a special headquarters by the opposition aimed against the forthcoming referendum scheduled for February 2, 2003, is just an idle talk. He criticized the current lawmakers elected in accordance with the party list for not putting in order their relations with their electorate. That is why, he said, he is backing the new version of the Constitution
where the party list was omitted as means of parliament elections. For the time being, 15 deputies out of 60 members of the Legislative Assembly (lower chamber) of the parliament were elected by the party list. President Askar Akayev told the Talas region’s residents the same during his today’s visit to the town of Talas.