шаршемби, 18-октябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 21:21

Opposition Newspaper To Appeal To Bishkek City Court Against the Birinchi Mai District Court Verdict

BISHKEK. A lawyer of the opposition 'Kyrgyz Ordo' newspaper, Toktorbek Ashyrkul-uulu told today RFE/RL that the newspaper will appeal to the Bishkek city court tomorrow, asking it to overturn the verdict on arrest of the newspaper property. The verdict was passed by the Birinchi Mai district court on January 15, changing its own previous verdict on closure of the newspaper, passed on January 10, 2003. The lawyer said that the both verdicts of the district court contradict the law. The 'Kyrgyz Ordo' newspaper has not been published since the beginning of January 2003. A state owned publishing house 'Uchkun' has been refusing to publish it because of the ongoing court procedures.

Compiled and translated by Tyntchtykbek Tchoroev in Prague