жума, 24-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 12:09

Meeting Devoted To Multi-Party System Held In Bishkek

BISHKEK. The 'Future Project' Foundation today held a round-table discussion entitled 'Political parties in the system of public institutions in Kyrgyzstan' with the participation of local politicians and representations of international institutions.
About 20 parties sent their members to the debate. Among the speakers was Aydin Idil, head of the OSCE Bishkek office, who urged Kyrgyzstanis to have an effective multi-party system to strengthen democratic reforms. Many speakers said that the multi-party system is in a transition period and there is a need to improve the role of the political party in society.
About 41 political parties were officially registered by the Kyrgyz justice ministry for the time being. The Legislative Assembly of parliament is preparing a new draft law on political parties.