бейшемби, 21-сентябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 21:56

Bishkek District Court Overturns Appeal Against Human Rights Campaigner

BISHKEK. The Lenin district court in Bishkek today turned down an appeal against the president of the Coalition for Democracy and Civil Society, Edil Baisalov. The plaintiff, Bishkek resident Akin Toktaliev, sued Baisalov for his article published in the 'Moia stolitsa' newspaper on December 27 of last year, saying that Baisalov insulted him personally as a Kyrgyz citizen when Baisalov wrote that any journalist has a right to suspect on dating the beginning of the Kyrgyz ancient statehood history as 2200 years ago. Toktaliev asked the court to fine the human rights activist for 50,000 soms (more than $1,000) and the independent newspaper for more than $100,000. The court decided the plaintiff's appeal baseless.