ишемби, 21-октябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 13:06

Prime Minister Gives Report On the Government Activities For 2002

BISHKEK. The Kyrgyz parliament today adopted prime minister's proposal to increase salaries of staff of government-funded institutions despite criticism of some lawmakers. The Kyrgyz Prime Minister, Nikolai Tanayev, gave a report on the Government activities and the economic output for the last year to the People's Representative Assembly (upper chamber) of the Kyrgyz parliament. According to Tanayev, foreign trade increased by 14 percent in 2002 compared with the previous year. The Government will increase salaries of teachers, doctors and staff of government-funded cultural institutions by 20 percent starting from April 1, this year. Salaries of police will be increased by 50 percent.