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LUCIE gallery: Winter Holiday in Pamirs

Ubaidylda Shaimov, who moved to neighboring Kyrgyzstan from Murghab in Tajikistan four years ago, decided to visit his beloved homeland in winter and send us these pictures. Janyl Jusupjan explains why winter was the best time for him to come to Pamirs.

The Murghab district of Tajikistan is becoming one of major destinations for those who look for pristine mountain scenes, trekking or hunting for famed Marco Polo sheep. Most of such tourists travel to the Pamir region known as The Roof of the World in summer, as winters on the altitude of 3,500-4,500 meters are harsh. This did not deture Ubaidylda Shaymov, the former teacher from Murghab, from revisiting his remote Bash-Gumboz village on the border with Afghanistan.

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