ишемби, 25-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 00:55

President Visits Talas Region and Explains His Policy.

BISHKEK. President A.Akayev today visited Talas region and met with the local establishment and ordinary residents. He emphasized that the big issue during the Kyrgyz-Chinese border settlement was not a mountainous valley of Uzengu-Kuush, but the Khan-Tengri peak, a sacred place for the Kyrgyz nation since the ancient times. According to the President, the Aksy events in March 17-18, 2002, when police shot dead five participants of the peaceful protest gathering, occurred because of the weak performance of the local authorities. Some participants of the meeting asked President to help the community to bring to justice those officials allegedly involved in the Aksy shootings. President's wife and head of the 'Meerim' Foundation, Mairam Akayeva, visited Kyrgyz-Turkish Lyceum, Talas State University and No 3 Talas Gymnasium, based in the region, delivering humanitarian aid.