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Usen Sydykov Is Officially Released From His Post.

BISHKEK. A former deputy prime minister, the representative of Kyrgyzstan in the executive body of the CIS member-states, Usen Sydykov said today that he is considered as being released from his post according to the job cuts, effective as of January 1, 2003. It was decided at the Chisinau summit in October last year in the framework of administrative reforms within the CIS Executive Committee. Usen Sydykov, who is also a chairman of the Agrarian-Labor Party, took 46 percent of votes in the No 33 Kara-Kulja constituency in the first round of parliament elections held on October 20, 2002, but the Osh City court ruled on October 27 to bar Sydykov from the run-off election saying there were some irregularities in his election documents and he did not leave his position as Kyrgyz representative to CIS leadership in Minsk, while taking part in the election. He denied the charges. The Supreme Court of Kyrgyzstan on November 01, 2002, upheld the court ruling. The run-off date has not been set yet.