жекшемби, 19-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 20:33

Aksy Plaintiffs Appeal To Parliament, Prosecutor and Mass Media.

BISHKEK. Fifteen plaintiffs of the Aksy tragedy today appealed to both chambers of the Kyrgyz Parliament, Prosecutor General's office and mass media and some international organizations asking them to encourage the court system to overturn the Mailysuu verdict on Dec 28, 2002. The Osh military court sentenced some former officials allegedly involved in the Aksy events on March 17-18, when police shot dead five participants of the peaceful protest gathering. The plaintiffs say that the verdict was unjust and the court hearing failed to meet the legal procedures, because several key witnesses did not have an opportunity to be summoned to the court. The plaintiffs are also demanding to hold another court hearing not in Mailysuu, but in Aksy district center, the town of Kerben.