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Bishkek District Court Continues Hearing Against Prime Minister

BISHKEK. Birinchi May district court of Bishkek today continued hearing against Prime Minister Nikolai Tanayev. The plaintiff, the leader of the Kyrgyzstan Human rights movement, Tursunbek Akun sued Tanayev, accusing him of insult. A lawyer for Prime Minister Nikolai Zhuchkov gave information on the previous court hearing against the plaintiff. In 1994 a criminal case against Akun was closed because of a lack of evidence. Akun was accused of receiving illegal financial help from some international foundations. Zhuchkov said the Prime Minister used this information when he accused Akun in September 2002, what he thought, as part of Akun's one-sided efforts. Akun rejected the lawyer's words saying that the 1994 case does not have any link to the Aksy events. The court hearing will continue on January 17, 2003.
During a press conference held in Bishkek on September 9, 2002, Tanayev had said that Tursunbek Akun was one of the main instigators of public disturbances. The human rights activist is demanding a fine of the prime minister for one million soms (US $ 21,739) for offending him with unfounded criticism. The court failed to reconcile Akun with Tanayev on December 2002, when, instead of the prime minister, his lawyer attended the court hearings in Bishkek's district court.