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Kyrgyz Opposition Member Criticizes Terminology Proposals Made By Officials

BISHKEK. One of the leaders of Kyrgyzstan Democratic Movement Party, Jypar Jekshe today criticized some terminology proposals made by State Secretary Osmonakun Ibraimov and several members of the Assembly of Kyrgyzstan People (AKP), a semi-official body which unites the national cultural organizations of the country. Jekshe said that it is better to maintain the term 'Kyrgyz' in the Russian texts, instead of 'Kirghiz' suggested by the officials. State Secretary Ibraimov told RFERL today that he suggested this terminological change. Also, a proposal to change the official name of the country 'the Kyrgyz Republic' to 'the Kyrgyzstan Republic' was made by some members of the AKP during its meeting on January 3, 2003, said Ibraimov.
Some local experts are cautious that the terminology proposals by the authorities would obscure or undermine the important issues of the ongoing Constitutional reform processes, including strengthening of the legislative and judicial branches of state power.
A special team of experts established by the presidential decree on January 2, is to finish its work for jurisdictional edition of the text of draft amendments and changes to the Constitution on Monday, January 13. Then it will be discussed by the Constitutional Council represented by both the Government and opposition. Meanwhile, the Central Election Commission decided that printing of the ballot-papers of the forthcoming referendum be carried out under control of the National Security Service officers. The internal migrants who would stay in a place different from his residence, can go to any local constituency to vote.