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Opinions of Lawmakers Differ From Each Other

The Legislative Assembly (lower chamber) of the Kyrgyz Parliament today continued its debate on the new version of the Constitution proposed by
the presidential decree for the referendum set for February 2. The chamber did not wrap-up its debate, started yesterday, and it will be continued on Monday. One of the pro-government lawmakers, ex-leader of the Kyrgyz Soviet Republic, Turdakun Usubaliev dismissed opposition's criticism on the presidential initiative of holding referendum. Usubaliev said that the president has a right to hold a
referendum according to his initiative, and he also backed the date set for the
referendum. Opposition deputy, a leader of the 'Asaba' (Flag) National Revival Party, Azimbek Beknazarov told the chamber that the president changed his first draft (the amendments and changes to the Constitution) and has suggested a revised version of the onstitution. 'It means that we will adopt a new
Constitution which allows Askar Akayev to be elected once more', said Beknazarov. He severely criticized some draft clauses, including those on
inviolability of future ex-president(s). Beknazarov said that if the President will not
propose the previous draft agreed by the Constitutional Council, then the opposition would appeal to the nation boycott the new version.
Deputy Adakham Madumarov said that he is cautious about the draft clause on President's ownership rights to all the documents sent to his office. It would be means covering-up all alleged crimes in which president(s) might be involved. Deputy Marat Sultanov said that he disagrees with omitting the rights of citizens to appeal directly to the Constitutional court and with giving the President an absolute vetoing right. Pro-government deputy, Akylbek Japarov backed the draft version, however, he disagreed with a proposed right of the Government in taxation.