шейшемби, 21-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 10:44

Legislative Assembly failed to Adopt Any Decision On the Referendum Issues

BISHKEK. The Legislative Assembly continued its debate on the referendum issues today. Only 18 out of 46 lawmakers backed an opposition proposal to adopt a statement on the draft version of the Constitution and referendum. Some deputies proposed omitting the controversial clauses from the draft text of the Constitution, including one that restricts the rights of the lawmakers. Deputy Alevtina Pronenko said she would appeal to her electorate not to participate at the voting. She said that the future parliament would be corrupt because of the proposed inviolability of the deputies.
Speaker of the chamber, Abdygany Erkebaev said today at a press conference that he is against the clauses that say the president would have an absolute vetoing right and an ex-president together with family members would receive funds from the budget. He also criticized a part of the draft about the lawmakers' rights and duties.