ишемби, 25-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 10:34

Some Parties Support Referendum

BISHKEK. Today several political parties appealed to voters to support next month's referendum. The Adilet (Justice) Party said the new draft of the constitution fully protects human rights and guarantees the immunity of citizens and private property. The Women Democratic Party said the draft reflects the most advanced principles of Kyrgyzstan's statehood, supports democratic progress and helps to maintain the balance of three branches of power.
Last week several political parties and nongovernmental organizations criticized the version of the constitution as undemocratic. 11 political parties and seven NGOs issued a statement accusing the Experts Group for excluding important proposals made earlier by the Constitutional Council. The El Unu (Voice of People) Party said the new rules limit the participation of parties in political life. And several youth organizations complained none of the most important proposals and ideas of the civil society have found way into the new draft.
Chairperson of the Constitutional Court, Cholpon Bayekova said earlier in January that at least a year is needed to discuss the referendum issues in full.