ишемби, 18-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 11:08

Some Amendments To Be Added To New Version of the Constitution

BISHKEK. A new amendment will be added to the draft version of the Kyrgyz Constitution. The chief of the experts' team, Cholponkul Arabayev said today that the new amendment to the Constitution is concerning press freedom. Arabayev said it was omitted from the draft by a technical mistake. He says, this is a last amendment to the draft. Yesterday the team agreed to amend a clause on the citizens' rights to appeal directly to the Constitutional court. The draft's clause on the president's absolute vetoing right was removed from the new version of the constitution and a new clause was added that allows to return vetoed laws to the president after three fourth of deputies support the move. Several opposition parties and NGOs have criticized these clauses before their latest edition.