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Kyrgyzstan Marks Mother Tongue Day In February

BISHKEK. United Nations and UNESCO announced February 21 as a Mother Tongue Day world-wide. This year Kyrgyzstan will mark it for the first time. An academician, prominent professor-linguist Bubuina Oruzbayeva told RFE/RL today that it is very important to pay attention to every mother tongue, for instance, to the Kyrgyz language in Kyrgyzstan. She said that Kyrgyzstan gave state language status to the Kyrgyz language and the world-wide mark of the Mother Tongue Day shows that Kyrgyzstan is moving in the right direction for caring that the language is to be preserved and developed here.
Kyrgyzstan adopted a special law on Kyrgyz language as a state language on September 23, 1989. However, local specialists say that Government has to do more to fulfill the tasks for maintenance and development of the state language positions in every sphere of social life.
Russian language dominated during the Soviet regime, is announced second official language in Kyrgyzstan in 1999.

Compiled and translated by Tyntchtykbek Tchoroev and edited by Donald Hill in Prague