жума, 24-ноябрь, 2017 Бишкек убактысы 11:45

Round Table On Democracy and Security Is held In Bishkek

BISHKEK. A meeting organized by the Forum of Civic Leaders led by Toleikan Ismailova, was held in Bishkek today. The participants included representatives of several political parties and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), as well as representatives of the embassies in Bishkek and some international organizations.
The conference was entitled "Democracy. Security. Resolving Conflicts By Peaceful Means. Ways of Cooperation". Among the speakers were the US Ambassador to Kyrgyzstan, John O'Keefe, head of the OSCE Bishkek office, Aydin Idil, and the Kyrgyz Ombudsman, Tursunbai Bakir-Uulu.
O'Keefe said at the conference that he believes that the Ombudsman institution will contribute in protection of human rights of Kyrgyz citizens. The Ombudsman, Bakir-Uulu, in his turn, emphasized necessity of providing freedom of speech and freedom of assemble to avoid the social conflicts. He urged the Government to re-consider its policy about capital punishment and to abolish it. Professor Klara Ajybekova of the Kyrgyzstan Communist Party criticized the authorities, saying that they are distorting the results of plebiscite and elections. As she put it, in such circumstances, it is nearly impossible to resolve the current public conflict even by elections.
Toleikan Ismailova, the host of the round table, said that the only right way is a political dialogue between different political sides in the country. Misir Ashyrkulov, the Secretary of Kyrgyzstan's Security Council, told the gathering that the external security of the country has been strengthened recently. He praised a role of the United States, China, Russia and Turkey in helping Kyrgyzstan in its protection from possible external sources of danger. Drug trafficking, according to Ashyrkulov, remains a big danger for the country's security.