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Kyrgyzstan Appeals for Help to Clean Up After Landslide

BISHKEK, April 29 -- Kyrgyzstan today appealed for international help in dealing with the aftermath of a deadly landslide and in preventing similar disasters that threaten to spread pollution from radioactive dumps.
The Kyrgyz Foreign Ministry released a statement saying due to increased landslides, floods and erosion occurring near waste sites in the country, a situation m-a-y arise that threatens the environmental security of Central Asia.
Kyrgyzstan has several uranium dumps left over from the Soviet era located in landslide-prone areas.
The ministry said an April 20 landslide that killed 38 people in the village of Kara-Taryk did n-o-t happen near any radioactive waste sites. But the ministry said the government lacks medicine and other resources to solve the problems that resulted from the landslide.